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How Casinos get People to Gamble More

How Casinos get People to Gamble More

One of the gambling industry’s most notorious saying is that “The house has the edge” and that the house always wins. There is a reason for that however as casinos have the ability to get people to gamble more. Have you ever though what practices or tricks they use to get punters to remain loyal and continue to gamble nonstop?

Stopping clocks are one of the most obvious techniques used as a casino subtly encourage players to stay longer. It is blatantly clear that a casino does not have a clock, yet very few people realize that there is method to that particular madness as punters lose track of time when playing.

Do you ever see light from inside a casino? The answer is clear, it is another trick used that you cannot see natural light thus will you have no idea what the time could be.

Feeding the “whales” is another common term and a whale is someone who always plays big bankroll with large bets at a time regardless of whether it is machines or tables. Whales are fed by the casino in the form of complimentary rooms, extra credit, free spins, free tickets to show, free meals and drinks, etc.

Alcohol supply is one of the most common and blatant tactics of all casinos as everybody know there is no easier gambler than a drunk gambler. Punters with enough alcohol inside the brain allows them to lose the edge and instinct of caution and loosen inhibitions too.

Sound, light and action is commonly used and you will never enter a casino that reminds you of a library. Flashing lights, booming sounds, frivolous activity, and the overall sensory overload is incredibly inviting and enticing and as soon as you enter, you feel the money in your pocket. Not the money you are about to lose, but the big wins you are about to take from the casino.