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Glossary of Gambling Terms

Glossary of Gambling Terms

Ante –poker reference to first money wagered

Anchor – a player that sits at the last available position before a dealer on blackjack table

Action – amount wagered by players

Base dealer – the dice dealer in charge

Base – where the bets are paid and made

Bar the 12 – on the Don’t Pass Bar, the 12 is made a Push

Bankroll – the money a player has set aside for a complete gaming session

Baccarat – popular card game that give winning hand as closest to nine and discount 10

Bust – when you went over 21 playing Blackjack

Burn card – The card that is discarded and not entered into play

Betting limits – the maximums and minimum that punters are allowed to wager on a bet

Cut – dividing card deck into two

Cycle – when playing video poker it is a statistically predicted average number

Croupier – casino dealer

Crew – craps and dice dealers

Carps – term for dice 2, 3, and 12

Complete hand – five cards poker hand, either full house, straight flush, flush or straight

Chips – Instead of money, it is currency used by casinos to avoid cash dealing and distinct to specific casino

Insurance – a side bet that is played in Blackjack when a dealer has an Ace

Odds – the amount a bet pays out

Press – when you increase a bet by doubling

Reels – the wheels displaying symbol which could be three to five per machine

Shoe – cards are dealt from a shoe, a box where cards are placed by dealer

Soft hand – when playing Blackjack and an Ace valued 11

Spilt bet – combination bet across two numbers

Stand – you do not take any more cards

Stud poker – poker game without a draw

Surrender – giving up half of a wager before a complete hand, saving half of the money wagered

Token – casino coins in slot machines

Whale – a high roller