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Cool Facts about Playing Cards

Cool Facts about Playing Cards

Card players uses a deck of cards to practice their craft. That said, even though you might be a gambler or casual card player, you probably never give much thought to the cards themselves. Do you know why they are a certain way, where they originate from, and what they are? Below we look at some cool and interesting fact about cards.

When and how were cards invented?

It is believed that Chinese invented cards in the ninth century and that the first real deck of cards could be 32-card Chinese domino deck that was printed on wood, bone, and paper. Centuries later, it spread first to India, Egypt, Persia before it spread to Europe and as it spread each developed cards in unique variations.

How long is a deck used in Las Vegas?

It depends if it is shuffled by machine or hand, the type of game and how busy a table is, but in Las Vegas you will seldom find a deck of cards older that twelve hours before it is discarded. When you play at a busy table however that cards might also be changed every hour. This is done solely for the reason that cards never get any distinguishing marks like small bends or scuff marks that could give players an advantage.

Why does a deck have four suits?

Even though there has been many card versions through the centuries and each country adopting and developing their own types of decks and suits, the version known and played today is the French version that has its clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. The reason as to why has always been open to debate.

Most famous card deck ever?

In the Yale university database is card decks that are centuries old, casual card players, casinos, magicians, use however the most iconic decks that and gamblers are Bicycle brand.